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The Music Learning Page

This is the place where I put resources for learning about music and music-related topics: Some I have found, and others that I have created. There is material here that relates directly to work with current students, as well as stuff I think might be generally useful, and some stuff that I think is just fascinating and fun. Music is a vast subject. I love exploring as many rabbit-holes as I can, and sharing what I find.

All of this material is available to you always. It is also the result of ongoing labor (a labor of love, but labor nonetheless). Please consider chipping in (Then after you consider, please do chip in!).

Music Learning Stuff

Downloadable/printable/viewable information, worksheets, blank staff paper, Fretboard charts, etc., etc.

Tuning Your Guitar It's all about listening! 28 KB
Basic Chords 35.7 KB
Tiny Music Lesson: The Staff An introduction to the mighty five-line staff, and how we write notes on it. This is a downloadable pdf version of the Tiny Music Lesson video of the same name. 89 KB
Note Names on the Treble Staff Notes on the treble staff with their letter names; on the lines and in the spaces. 20.4 KB
Clefs Clef signs and what they do on the staff. 177 KB
Notes on the First Three Strings These are the first notes that we use on the first three strings of the guitar, shown on the staff and on fingerboard charts. The chart includes letter names and simple warm-up type melodies to play. 43.8 KB
Notes on the second three strings. The first notes to learn on the second three strings of the guitar (the lower notes). 48 KB

Downloadable Sheet Music

Guitar Lessons

Ode to Joy Melody with music notation, tablature, and one-finger chord charts. This famous melody is super easy and fun to play. 32.6 KB
Apple Tree Melody with music notation, tablature, and one-finger chord charts. 32.1 KB
Hot Cross Buns Melody with music notation, Tablature, and one-finger chord charts. 27.6 KB
Mary Had a Little Lamb Melody with music notation, tablature, and one-finger chord charts. 33.2 KB