Small Birds of Sound

Small Birds of Sound

Released November 1, 2018

Written, performed, and produced by Jessica Molla and Christopher Molla. Recorded by Christopher Molla and Boris McCutcheon at Boris's farm and at Confluence Studios in Somewhere Over The Rainbow New Mexico. Special thanks to Boris and his rooster.

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Small Birds of Sound is an alternative rock band born in Santa Cruz California, raised in Taos New Mexico, and settled happily in Lawrence, Kansas. Their original tunes blend European and Americana folk traditions, lyrical poetry, surf rock reverb, power vocals, and an oh so venerable Camper Van Beethoven vibe (Chris was a founding member of that still notorious band).  Songs are performed on guitar, baritone ukulele (Jess) and keys (Chris) - With daughter Max sometimes joining on drums.

An intimate amalgam of crystalline rock and sparkling indie pop that floats on a rich wellspring of American and European instrumental folk traditions.



Impossible Machine

Live at the Lawrence Art Center, 12 May, 2023

My Buddy

An ode to our old mastiff buddy Magnus, who passed away in September of 2020- shortly after this video was created.  We sure do miss you, Buddy!

(You can pick up a copy of the track and get the lyrics on the Small Birds of Sound Bandcamp page.)